Brett Parker David Morris

We make things up for a living 😀

G’day! Our names are Brett and David, and we're Australian authors living our lives in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand. We've been together since 1996.

Brett writes fiction across a broad range of genres. His current works in progress are:

  • Once Upon A World - book 1 of 7 in the Miondor series (epic fantasy)
  • Cade Cooper (young adult fantasy)
  • Dear Juan (contemporary drama)

David writes horror and is working on his first novel.

When we're not banging away on computer keyboards we enjoy:

  • visiting our family in Brisbane
  • hosting backpackers and artists
  • sustainable living
  • learning languages
  • playing piano and guitar (badly)
  • singing (loudly and off-key)
  • making art in all its crazy forms

We love all things French and would like to live in Paris. We're learning the language to prepare for the move, and can already chow down on croissants like natives.

This contact page is our only online presence. Do you have any questions, comments, or feedback? Get in touch! We'd love to hear from you 👍

Our books are available exclusively on the Amazon Kindle store, for all Kindle devices and apps. If you like our work tell your friends... if you don't, tell your enemies 😉


Cade Cooper

YA (Young Adult) Fantasy

Once Upon A World

Epic Fantasy

Dear Juan

Contemporary Drama