A Happy Rant

Just to state the obvious, there was a tough adjustment period when I lost a large chunk of my vision in 2012. I had to get used to my white cane, and the different sensory inputs needed to navigate the streets. But perhaps the bigger adjustment was learning just how insensitive and self-absorbed

Sudden-Onset Boganism

We’d saved  for millennia for this meal. It took five centuries just to save the reservation fee. Now, finally, we had a table for two at the Restaurant of the Universal Mindscape, the product of the combined spare processing power of every human mind in the galaxy, all jacked into one stunning

Words can hurt

Words That Hurt

Over the last few years, the LGBT community have voiced concerns over the misappropriation of the word ‘gay’ by modern tweens. Originally, ‘gay’ meant happy and carefree. Then, homosexual men took the word as their own and gave it an entirely different meaning. Now, tweens are using the word in a negative

Giddy Up, GG

I won the eBay auction! the text read. Come check out my new sexbot! LOL My blood ran cold. I adore my kiwi friend, Fester, but his tastes can be questionable. At the moment, our social circle is calling him the Cougar King due to his propensity for scoring with older chicks.

Alpha and Omega

In the beginning there was Zero, and then there was the word, and the word was, “Let there be One”. And with the word, the twin digital Gods, Alpha and Omega stepped forth from the electronic ocean of circuit boards and copper wire and looked upon the world, like newborns. In the

The Beast of Jerryl Deen

It was an idyllic dream, at first. The perfect city, an ideal home. I thought the tales had been made up by the locals, to scare off any stranger who dared enter the city and intrude on their lifestyle. Aussies do it all the time. Dropbears keep the numbers of American tourists


Several times throughout 2012, I had the joy of photographing Chance. He’s a friendly, easy-going, uninhibited kiwi who seems to be allergic to shirts. I like that in a model! Chance is a beautiful man, inside and out. He’s caring, has a great sense of humour, and will do anything for anyone.

Bad Boy Zombie

From the way his black curly hair waved in the soft breeze, overflowing the top of his worn leather jacket; from the way the light reflected from his designer sunglasses, hiding eyes that hinted of exclusive clubs and $30 martinis; from the way his rotting flesh hang limply from his manly bones,

Going Home

Darkness descends as I trudge towards the vast, open plain. I place one bare foot in front of the other, not caring if I cut myself on a jagged piece of flint. I look down, not because I need to watch where I’m stepping, but simply because I cannot lift my head.

Once Upon A World

Miondor. Two suns. Acidic oceans. True Night comes once a year. Prince Eraus, second son of King Horaus and Queen Moran, was born of True Night. He’s shy, bookish, and adored by the people. Torn between his devotion to duty and his desire for obscurity, Eraus wants to live a quiet, uneventful


The Miondor series is an epic saga of seven fantasy books, featuring heroes and villains, living and dead people, love and conflict, kings and whores, powerful religions, prophecies, fantastical creatures, and a myriad of fascinating concepts. Miondor is a flat world with two major landmasses, teetering in space between a red sun and