About David Alan Morris

Before the morning coffee

David often storms into rooms, jumping up and down about his next creative project, using “unnecessary quotes” when he “talks”. Forged by elemental forces beyond human understanding, he can often be found making weird About Me pages on the Internet.

David would like to join his enormously successful and talented husband in making things up for a living, but is currently working as a full-time IT nerd who gives unbelievably good meetings. Okay, they’re mediocre meetings, but they don’t run too long, and sometimes there are doughnuts.

Here are some random facts that David just made up (that he couldn’t finish):

  • He can say “Karate” in three languages
  • TBD

Here are some boring facts about David (that are real):

  • Full-time computer IT nerd to pay the bills
  • Part-time scriptwriter who has written both TV and film scripts
  • Part-time filmmaker who wants to turn Brett’s and David’s scripts into a reality
  • He often pens monthly micro-fiction to entertain the Internet
  • He doesn’t have multiple personalities, but would one day like to have at least one

For activities that don’t involve a camera or keyboard, David loves spending time with his husband.