Several times throughout 2012, I had the joy of photographing Chance. He’s a friendly, easy-going, uninhibited kiwi who seems to be allergic to shirts. I like that in a model! Chance is a beautiful man, inside and out. He’s caring, has a great sense of humour, and will do anything for anyone.


In 2012, David and I met a kiwi called Daine and we were absolutely smitten. He oozed a sexy, humble vibe which was even more attractive than his physique. I knew I had to photograph him, right from the first moment he walked in and smiled. Daine was uncertain about being a model,

Allen Lovell

In 2012, I met a British carpenter by the name of Allen Lovell. He was living in Byron Bay, at the time, and was interested in having some photos taken to start his portfolio. I drove down to meet him and was instantly enamoured. Allen is graceful and gracious, well spoken and


James had no aspirations to be a model, he just wanted the experience. He emanates an aura of peace and tranquillity, and I  just wanted to bathe in him. FYI… that sounded a lot less creepy in my head.


Franky’s travelling companion, Kev, realised he didn’t have the body of a model. To me, however, he had the personality. He oozed sex appeal, and knew how to work his eyes. With his evil sense of humour, I had to try and capture his essence. I’m pleased with the results 🙂


During my burst of photographic activity in 2012, I met two French backpackers. They were old friends, travelling together, who couldn’t wait to model for me. They were boisterous, energetic, and whisked through our lives like a whirlwind. They were great! These photos are of Franky… he loves parkour, cooking, and drinking 🙂


Throughout 2012, I had a few photo shoots with Tim. He was 19 years old at the time of our first shoot, which is normally a big NO for me, but Tim had a maturity and hotness way beyond his years. He’s easy-going, personable, and muscly… what more do you need in

Aussie Gods

‘Aussie Gods – The Photo Book’ is a visual exploration of the male physique. It contains 375 original images of gorgeous male models, all beautifully photographed by Brett Kiellerop. The images in this book range from quirky and creative studio shots, to traditional underwear and swimwear photos, to stylised nudes. This book


Jackson is a hunky young man who needed some photos to start a portfolio. Of course, I agreed… I’m visually impaired, not dead! This was actually my first photo shoot since losing my vision, and he was very patient with me. The results were worth the extra time needed to set up


In early 2012, I did my first photo shoot. The ‘model’ was actually a French backpacker called Aaron, and he’d never modelled before. It was a great match! I don’t think I ever took the camera out of auto mode, but I am really happy with the results 🙂