“Tell me a bedtime story, George.” Amy, seven years old, tucked herself into bed as she pleaded with her companion. “It’s a little late, isn’t it?” George questioned, his voice stern. “Pleeeease?” Amy smiled, exposing the gaps where her front teeth had fallen out. “OK, fine.” George relented with a sigh. Amy


The inhabitants of the planet Fele referred to themselves as ‘feisty’ and ‘passionate’; however, other member races of the United Planets called them bloodthirsty, belligerent, vain, and a little fragrant. Through civil wars, blood feuds, and family disagreements, the planet Fele was an arid wasteland. Only after its inhabitants ran out of


Dayko, test pilot and youngest son of the Phan royal family, sat in quiet contemplation with his head resting on his knees. His perch at the peak of the palace afforded him views across the landscape in every direction. His  next test flight – possibly his last test flight – was due

I Searched Everywhere

I searched everywhere for you, and then I found you. My heart cried out with joy. I searched everywhere for you, and then I loved you. You were perfection personified. I searched everywhere for you, and then I hurt you. I’m weak-willed and easily led. I searched everywhere for you, and then I lost

UnReal Estate Agent

As many of you are aware, David and I lived at the Arbour on Grey for 18 months. The property management business for the complex, Aurora Property Group, was grossly incompetent. That’s not an issue: it’s rare to find a real estate agency that is aware of their responsibilities, yet alone lives

Living with IIH

Yesterday, 23rd Oct, I suffered a severe cognitive episode which left me wandering the streets in a fugue for several hours. On the bright side, I took over 33,000 steps and covered 27.4 km. On the down side, I caused a lot of fear and worry amongst my loved ones… especially my


From the moment they erupted into existence, Left and Right hated each other. The only thing they hated more than each other was their jail on the chest of their host. They despised being forced to co-exist. Left was slightly larger, Right slightly perkier. Left hogged the bra, Right hogged the attention.

A Brief History Of Us

Twenty years ago, David and I were completely unaware of issues relating to gay rights unless they affected us directly. We were young and in love, and although we knew that large segments of society were railing against our form of relationship, we didn’t care. It was almost a hedonistic, insular approach

Australian Plebiscite

The Australian plebiscite on same-sex marriage is the result of the Americanisation of Australia… an Australia struggling to separate Church from State to become a truly secular country. When I was younger, Australia felt like a progressive, open-minded place. We had nudity in films and on TV. Everyone was given a ‘fair go’,

Who Let The Djinn Out?

Let’s do it… let’s shove that genie back into the bottle But can we? These days, nothing can be completely undone. No action goes unrecorded. No data is irrecoverably deleted. Every movement leaves a trace. Smoke and mirrors cast shadows. This particular genie had paid out generously, when first released from his

Open Letter To Aurora Property Group

On the 2nd of May, 2016, your lawyers, Thynne MaCartney, sent us a ‘Concerns Notice’ as preamble to a defamation lawsuit in which you made several demands, including: unpublish our article, in which we outline our experiences dealing with Aurora Property Management as tenants of the Arbour on Grey unpublish our article,

Tunnel City

I sat with my back to the girl in labour. Of course, at my age, anyone younger than twenty harvests is considered to be a girl. I could hear her screams, her panting. I could hear the midwife reassuring her, telling her to push. I could hear the girl cursing and swearing,